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I Didn’t Eat Enough

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:  A few bites of a below-average corn dog, half a Chicago dog, one chicken strip, half an ice cream cone, one bite of a caramel apple, corn on the cob with Bob’s special spices, butter and parmesan cheese (holy crap this was outstanding!), a couple bites of lousy pizza (which begs the question of why take more than one bite), and a decent BBQ brisket sandwich.  I would have had a bite of my wife’s bacon-wrapped cream-cheese filled jalapeño but she didn’t share.  All in all, a pretty light day of eating for me at the San Diego County Fair.  🙂

My Market Watch:  Despite stock market woes, bond prices aren’t getting much bang.  In fact, rates from Friday are practically the same.  The New Home Sales report was released this morning but even though it’s not bad the Fed made statements that housing was still depressed and that kind of statement tempers things, you know?  Disclaimer

My Schedule:  Available all day until 2:45p and then out for an hour….


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