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Net Tangible Benefit; Told You So

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My Schedule…and a Little Extra:   I told you so!  Miami is too good.  When they’re on they cannot be stopped.  If either Wade or James gets hot, it’s over.  Then you throw Bosh back into the mix…game over…series over.  The only thing preventing them from winning it all is their coach since he hasn’t figured out a way to win a close game.  But even if they fail to win the title, I think he deserves one more year to figure it out.  Anyway, for all of you that told me I was wrong for picking Miami, and in advance of them winning tomorrow, I say I TOLD YOU!

My Market Watch:  Stocks are rallying and bonds are taking a hit this morning.  Remember, there is usally an inverse relationship to stocks and bonds…when stocks get better, bonds usually suffer and when that happens, rates worsen.  This is occurring now after rates have already been published so watch out…it wouldn’t be a wild prediction to see a mid-day rate change if this continues…  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  Disclaimer

My Schedule:  Available all day….

Net Tangible Benefit:  0.250%:  in order to refinance, a borrower’s rate must improve by 0.250% to meet the NTB test.  Let me know if you have any questions, okay?

New Procedures From Me Available Here:  MY PROCEDURES

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