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My Schedule…and a Little Extra:  We met with the principal and I feel much better today than I did yesterday.  I’ve come to believe that the other’s girl Mom is nutty and I believe most of this craziness is a result of her obsessive and delusional parenting.  I am glad this school year is almost over.  This summer my goal is to ensure my daughter’s confidence level is at an all-time high.  I have always tried to encourage her to be strong and not rely on others…this is why I was dead set against Disney movies where the poor helpless princess was in dire straits until the handsome strong prince showed up to save her.  I don’t want my daughter to feel she needs to be saved by anyone.  I want her to be strong, positive and dependent.  She’s a Grossfield for the love of all things holy in this land!   |   I have not watched American Idol but my Mom told me who won.  I’m looking forward to watching his performances…he definitely deserved the title.

My Market Watch:  Rates are worse today but only by 0.125 in most spots…no tragedy.  Rates are being affected mostly due to news in Europe since the 5-year note auction yesterday was uneventful and today’s 7-year note auction is not expected to be a barn-burner.  .  Disclaimer

My Schedule:  I am in Los Angeles today with appointments at 10:30a and 3p and then driving home late.

Contract Processors

I have compiled a list of contract Processors available for hire.  If you are interested in receiving the list, please let me know….

Delayed Financing Cash Out – Refi Of Property Bought For Cash Within 6-Months

We now allow Delayed Financing Cash Out which will be a cash out transaction that occurs within 6-months of purchase.  To explain, your client bought a property for cash and now wants cash out…there is no existing lien on the property…Fannie Mae’s rule regarding six month’s title seasoning is avoided.  Let me know if you want details….

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