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Goodbye Junior; Lower Rates?!

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:  Junior Seau – rest in peace, and thanks.  I wanted to write something witty and moving and worthy about Junior but I kept typing and backspacing.  I’m conflicted because I hate the way his life ended…it confuses me…he was the ultimate warrior and to me, his death was not worthy of a warrior.  He played with the intensity of a hungry lion which is the image I remember…watching him pace as the quarterback was calling the play.  Man, he was so damn good.  I know his death will be cited again and again as the debate on safety in the NFL progresses.  And it’s obvious he wanted his death to be a stimulus towards that goal.  But I can’t help but think he could have accomplished the same, and undoubtedly much more, by living and working towards player safety.  Rest in peace Junior…thanks for all the great memories….

My Market Watch:   Boring.  Nothing going on.  Same as yesterday.  Rates are better if you can believe that.  Check out this graphic…it shows how rates have been steadily improving since the beginning of April.  When will the correction come?   Disclaimer

My Schedule:  I have a couple appointments today and will be off the clock at 4:30p.  

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