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Win Bluetooth; Jobs Report

My Schedule…and a Little Extra:   Win a Parrott Bluetooth for your car…click the following link.  We have this for our Odyssey and it works great…I highly recommend…especially when it’s free!  Parrot MINIKIT+ Review and Giveaway for Hands-Free Cell Phone Use in the Car.

My Market Watch:
   Today the Jobs Report came out and it reported only 115,000 new jobs…that is not good for the economy since traders were expecting closer to 162,000 new jobs to be reported.  Because the new jobs report came in much less, traders should interpret the report as a weak economy…much less new jobs than expected = crappy economy.  When traders feel the economy is weak, they typically sell off stocks and put their money into bonds instead.  When traders sell stocks and buy bonds instead, rates generally get better unless something else is going on that levels it out.  HOWEVER, as I have mentioned on several occasions, rates are about as low as they can get…there is not much more.  Even though the news is typically bully for bonds, there just isn’t anywhere to go.  If you compare this morning’s rates to yesterday’s rates, the difference is very minor with only a slight improvement.  With all these important reports that have a propensity to move the markets, there is without questions more downside than upside…just keep that in mind for the future…  Disclaimer

My Schedule:  I have one appointment this morning and available the rest of the day.

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